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M-Pact MPro Air circuit Breakers

Rated from 400 to 4000A the M-PACT circuit breaker has been designed to meet the most stringent demands in fault detection and safe interruption thereof.

M-PACT ACBs are available in 2 frame sizes:
- frame size 1 ranging from 400 to 2500A
- frame size 2 ranging from 800 to 4000A

The range has been developed to be aesthetically and technically co-ordinated with other protective devices within the GE Power Controls industrial product ranges. The breaker range has a common height and depth and is available in both fixed pattern and drawout versions which can be manually or electrically operated. Designed to offer multiple mains connection options it also comes with a wide range of easy-to-install accessories. M-PACTs are also available in Fixed and Withdrawable patterns.


  • Rating 400A-4000A*
  • Compliance to IEC 60947 Part2
  • Breaking capacities 50, 65, 80kA
  • Full certification to ASTA, KEMA, LOVAG
  • Range of microprocessor based trip units - MPro27, MPro50 releases (with display as standard features)
  • Modbus communication in MPro50
  • Unique ground fault protections - restricted, unrestricted and stand-by
  • Unique Reduced Energy Let Time feature (RELT) in MPro50
  • High electrical & mechanical life
  • Range of safety locks and interlocks

M-PACT Air Circuit Breakers comply with the followingspecifications for Low Voltage Switchgear:

  • IEC 60947-1
  • IEC 60947-2
  • IEC 60947-3
  • Utilisation category B

KEMA certification in accordance with IEC 60947-2
CCC certification in accordance with GB14048-2
CCS certification in accordance with China Certification of shipping

M-PACT accessories:
A wide range of optional accessories have been developed that are compatible with all M-PACT air circuit breakers, regardless of nominal rating or frame size. Each one incorporates 'easy-fit' design features for quick installation, either in the factory or by the user on site.
Motorised spring charging unit, Circuit breaker closing coil, Shunt trip, Undervoltage release, Auxiliary trip combination, Auxiliary switches, Mechanical operation counter, Key interlock facility, Cable/busbar earthing device, Carriage position switch, Cluster contacts, 2/3 way cable mechanical interlocks.


Spectronic Air Circuit Breakers

GE Spectronic Air Circuit Breakers are coupled with the legendary reliability and advanced technology, they are ideal solution for protection and control LV distribution systems. With the flexibility of multiple adaptions, Spectronic S is recommended for critical installations, where high performance under severe operating conditions is to be delivered. It is complaint with the international and Indian standards.

Spectronic S is a preferred choice in applications such as Process Industries, Power Utilities, Infrastructure and Mission Critical applications such as Defence, Space, IT & IETS, Hospitals etc. The new Spectronic is bundled with the added advantages of enhanced range, user-friendly handling and increased interlocking options.

SP Range

  • Rating 400A-2500A
  • 3P, 4P fixed version manually operated
  • Compliance to IEC 60947 Part2
  • Breaking capacities up to 60kA
  • Range of static trip unit LMZ7, microprocessor based RMS7, RMS10, RMS12 releases

S Range

  • Ratings 400A-4000A
  • Compliance to IEC 60947 Part2
  • Breaking capacities upto 75kA
  • Versions available 3P, 4P manual and electrically operated, fix and draw out
  • Range of trip unit static LMZ7 and microprocessor RMS7, RMS10 & RMS12
  • Modbus communication in RMS12
  • Optional U/V and O/V protection, reverse power, current imbalance and full measurement of current voltage and power parameters in RMS12
  • Flexible termination options
  • High electrical & mechanical life


Gerapid High Speed DC Circuit Breakers

High speed DC circuit breaker are suitable for protection of mains and semiconductors in railway and industrial applications.They are special single pole breaker for application in all fixed installations, e.g. as feeder-breakers in tractionary substations(underground, trams, local trains), in industrial plant protection (electrolysis plants, mines or steel mills) or in particular physics research, for protection of the superconductive coils in purpose-built accelerators. A wide range of models facilitates rated currents up to 10.000A and rated voltages up to 3900V in accordance with IEC 947-2, EN 50123-2 and ANSI C37.14.

Silent Features:

  • Ratings 2600A, 4200A, 6000A, 8000A Single Pole
  • Refer standard IEC 50123, IS60547
  • Rated voltage up to 3900V DC
  • Compact enclosed construction
  • Breaking capacities up to 100 kA
  • Direct acting instantaneous and adjustable trip unit operates without external power
  • High speed opening < 3msec
  • Flexible termination
  • Suitable for wiring, excitation system, traction applications
  • Range of accessories shunt, no volt coil, auxiliary contacts, position indication, plug-in connectors


  • Electrodynamic trip device with or without integrated capacitor and charging unit
  • Shunt trip
  • No-voltage release
  • Auxiliary contacts
  • Different auxiliary contacts for signalling
  • Variable main terminals
  • Plug connectors for auxiliary circuits
  • Mechanical forced tripping
  • Position indication
  • Manual operation for maintenance
  • Internal power supply with wide voltage range
  • Integrated current measurement unit type SEL up to 4000A