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Brake motors
The squirrel cage three phase general purpose brake motor is designed for use in general industry, meeting the demands of standard applications for OEM's. We have wide range of such motors ready to use. These motors have high build quality, are available with all the features needed by the OEM market and can be modified to meet most specifications.


ABB’s brake motor is a standard motor modified for braking duties, i.e. a three phase induction motor with standard dimensions and output rating. The electro-magnetic disc brake is powered, by either DC current through a rectifier located in terminal box or three phase AC current. When the brake coil is de-energised, the brake is actuated by spring pressure. The axial movement of the brake disc performs a dual braking action against the moving electromagnet and the motor shield, without pressure or impact being transmitted to the bearings. The brake linings withstand high temperatures, have great wear resistance and give long life. Because of the very low wear of the braking disc, the brakes of the ABB motor usually require only one-third of the maintenance required by other common brake types in the market.

Technical Specifications
Totally enclosed squirrel cage three phase low voltage motors, Sizes 63 - 180, 0.055 to 22 kW

Output Power0.055 to 22 kW
Frame sizeIEC 63 to 180
Number of poles2 to 8
VoltagesWide voltage range up to 690 V
Frequency50 or 60 Hz
ProtectionIP 55