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WavePro LT busway system

WavePro LT busway system is a flexible and reliable electrical distribution system with a sandwich construction and superior performance. It is a safe and robust system with high electrical efficiency, low temperature rise, efficient heat dissipation, low voltage drop, high mechanical strength and ease of installation. It is suitable for alternating current three-phase three-wire, three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire power supply and distribution system, with the frequency 50~60Hz, rated working voltage up to 690V, rated insulation voltage up to 1000V, and rated working current 100-5000A.

Features of WavePro LT Busway System:

  • Compact sandwich busways
    Al: 100A-4000A; Cu: 250A-5000A
  • Conformance to IEC 60439
  • Rated insulation voltage upto 1000V
  • Versions available 3P 3N; 3P4WPEN100%; 3P5WN100%,PE50%, 100%; 3P5WN200%, PE50%, 100%
  • High quality aluminium alloy housing-light in weight, no hysteresis losses, faster heat dissipation, improved efficiency & better voltage regulation
  • Available in IP40, 54 & 65
  • Range of accessories-Elbows, tees, offsets, combination quick elbows, cable top boxes, power take off, end boxes, expansions joints & hangers
  • Busways plug with reliable mechanical interlocking
  • Unique thermal sensitive stickers at joints for quick diagnosis of heating points
  • Double headed bolts for ensuring proper tightening of joints

Safety Feature of the Bus Plug

  • The operating handle of plug can be installed on the top or side with accurate opening or closing indication.
  • The padlock mechanism is set for protecting the plug from maloperation and any unauthorized access.
  • Plug outlet covers prevent unintentional contact of the busbar
  • Plug in units are automatically grounded on installation. Polarized engagement of the plug to the busway provides the installer with positive plug/phase alignment.
  • Bus plugs are provided with internal interlocking mechanisms to prevent their doors from being opened whilst energized, ensuring operation safety.

Compact Design Means Flexibility

  • The compact "sandwich" design saves space with minimum voltage drop, specially designed to fit into the tight angle and height requirements of today's architectural space, between floors and along walls.
  • The conductor is fully enclosed with the aluminium housing, which provides excellent heat dissipation, thus improving the power transmission efficiency and reducing voltage drop.

Robust Housing with Light-Weight Feature

  • With light-weight, aluminum alloy housing, the unique design can fit your specific application with high flexibility, safety and reliability.
  • The powder coated aluminum alloy housing has been tested to withstand the salt spray test.
  • The aluminum alloy housing is corrosion resistant, providing high heat dissipation and an extremely low impedance ground path, with 50% grounding capacity.

Reliable Insulation

  • Busway system utilizes high performance tin-plated copper or silverplated aluminium conductor, and provides high quality protection from corrosion and high conductivity at the contact surface.
  • The conductive busbar is wholly wrapped in Class B (130oC) insulating material, providing significant insulation level and resistance to impact.
  • The insulating material meets the requirements of RoHS, and safety requirements of GE.

Ease of Installation

  • The joint assembly's cone-shaped insulation plate designincreases mechanical strength while its molded joint ground side plate ensures even pressure applied across the joint.
  • Large sized Belleville washers assure even pressure on contact .
  • No special torque wrench is required. Just a common 16mm socket wrench is used to fasten the fixed captive torque bolt with red indication disc. (When the indicating disc falls off, the joint is properly tightened automatically).
  • ±4mm per joint field adjustable isolation allows for job site flexibility during installation.


Wavepro LTG

WavePro LTG is a modularised busway to distribute electric power for lighting system by simply plugging connection, which is able to provide sufficient power branches as necessary and protection as well as to mechanically support the weight load of lighting fixture neath. It can be customized with multi-number of outlets per actual application, which is flexible for installation and power distribution to be adapted any complex situations. It mainly consists of straight lengths, feed units, terminal units, flexible elbows, tap-off units and accessories such as cable clamps, various fix brackets. All units and accessories are standardized and modularized during designing and producing in order to achieve installation and application easiness.

Features & Advantages:
Compact and flexible

  • WavePro LTG lighting busway will save space due to compact housing with size of 4832mm compared with cables
  • Various functional units can be applied to any corner, bypass obstacles, as well as change its height by using flexible elbows, which makes flexible to be adapt to any construction space

Safe and reliable plug unit:
  • WavePro LTG plug unit uses flame-retarded ABS plastic body with compact design, light weight, high strength, long life and excellent insulation
  • The silver-plated spring stabs provide reliable electrical connection; longer grounding pin design makes contact first but leave last compared with phases pins to avoid shocking
  • The clamps beside the plug unit can lock onto busway trunk and ensure reliable electrical contact and higher protective degree

Aluminum alloy housing:

  • WavePro LTG uses full aluminum alloy housing, lightweight, high strength, with up to protection degree of IP54
  • WavePro LTG housing has excellent anti-corrosion, both electrical and thermal conductivity and housing has at least 50% equivalent grounding capacity
  • WavePro LTG uses weak magnetic materials which minimizes magnetic hysteresis loss, enhance energy transferring efficiency and reduce the voltage drop of the system

Safe insulating material:
  • WavePro LTG Lighting busway uses environmental-friendly and halogen-free flame retardant materials, with low-smoke
  • Supportive insulating parts are able to withstand pressure of glow wire at 960oC; Non-supportive insulating parts are able to withstand the pressure of glow wire at 650oC
Easy installation:
  • Each other connection between trunk units, feed units, terminal units, flexible elbows, joints just need "insertion" action to achieve the correct installation, electrically and mechanically
  • There is a feature to prevent wrong insertion ensuring right connection with each other


Overhead Bus Bar System

G E Power Controls overhead busbar system provides the most efficient and optimum distribution of medium voltage power in industries where concepts of planned production and scientific factory layouts are applied, ensuring complete safety. With an increasing need to alter shop layouts and changes in production patterns to meet the ever-demanding market, overhead busbars provide the necessary flexibility to make such changes quickly, with minimum power shutdown, utilising the existing cables, conduits and fittings. This system provides for installation outputs that can be maintained at peak levels. Thus, in this context, the need for an overhead busbar system in industries, becomes a priority automatically.

Many years of operating experience has proved that the G E Power Controls Ltd., over head busbar system gives troublefree service throughout its life, with practically no maintenance.

The system is available in TPN arrangement with ratings of 200A and 400A for an operational voltage of up to 500AC.
Silent Features:

  • Maximum flexibility - With plug-in points provided at intervals of 60.96cm. along with busbars.
  • Complete safety - Fully insulated plug-in points ensure safety for operating and maintenance personnel.
  • No shut-down - Plug-in boxes can be plugged into live busbars quickly and safely.
  • Easy extensions - Ratings of busbars and numerous plug-in points ensure ample accommodation for future loads. Busbars can be extended easily by coupling with new lengths.
  • Guaranteed protection - HBC fuse-links at all plug-in points ensure positive and reliable short-circuit protection.
  • Durability and long life exceptionally robust and rigid construction. All ferrous materials are rust-proofed before priming and finishing.

Technical Data
Overhead busbars:

RatingOverall Dim in mmNo. of plug-in pointsWeight in Kg.

Plug - in box:
RatingCodeAssociated fuse link
32ARRF 303 - N4TIS, TSA
63ARRF 603 - N4TSA, TSS
100ARRR 1003 - N4TSD