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Power Contactors (M-CL-CK-CSCN)

Series M Mini Contactor Features

  • 6A & 9A (AC3)
  • Reference standard IEC 60947-1/4-1/5-1
  • AC coil, true DC coil
  • 3NO, 4NO, 2NO + 2NC (Main Contacts)
  • Provision for coil replacement

Series CL Features

  • Range upto AC3 140A(3P), AC1 200A(4P)
  • Reference standard IEC 60947-1/4-1/5-1
  • AC coil, true DC coil normal and wide band
  • 1000V insulation voltage 690V operational voltalge
  • Electronic control module for common AC / DC coil Capacitor switching
  • 1000V insulation voltage 690V operational voltalge
  • 3NO, 4NO, 2NO + 2NC (Main Contacts)

Series CK Features

  • 150A - 825A AC3 (3P)
  • Reference standard IEC 60947-1/4-1/5-1
  • 200A - 1250A AC1 (4P)
  • AC coil normal and wide band
  • 1000V insulation voltage 690V operational voltalge
  • Electronic control module for common AC / DC coil
  • 3NO, 4NO (Main Contacts)

Series CSCN Capacitor Switching Contactor Features

  • 7.5kVAr - 70kVAr, AC-6b upto 690V AC
  • Reference standard IEC 60947-1/4-1/5-1
  • Frontal block with three early-make aux. contacts, with quick discharge resistances (two per phase)
  • Damped current peak
  • Upto 3 aux. contacts NO / NC

Accessories Series CL, CK M, RL

  • Front & lateral auxiliary contacts
  • Electronic & pneumatic timer
  • Mechanical interlock & latch
  • Surge suppressor module
  • Special applications: steel plant duty


Auxiliary Contactor (Series M/RL)

Series M (Mini) Ith = 16A

  • Control circuit: Alternating current up to 600V
    Direct current up to 250V
  • Terminal numbering in accordance with EN 50011
  • Fixing system for rapid and simple mounting by clamping onto standard 35 mm DIN rail (EN 50022).
  • Screw and push-on terminals protected against accidental contacts in accordance with VDE 0106 T.100 and VBG4.
  • Printed circuit version.
  • Ring terminal version.
  • Facility to mount instant or timed auxiliary contact blocks and voltage supressor blocks.
  • Maximum number of auxiliary contacts to add: 6
  • Degree of protection IP20 (EN 60529).
  • According to IEC/EN 60947-1.

Series RL Auxiliary contactor Ith = 20A

  • Control circuit: Alternating current up to 690V
    Direct current up to 440V
  • Terminal numbering in accordance with EN 50005 and EN 50011
  • Fixing system for rapid and simple mounting onto standard 35mm
    DIN-rail (EN 50022-35)
  • Terminals protected against accidental contact in accordance with VDE 0106 T.100, VBG4
  • Ring terminal versions
  • Three coil terminals
  • Facility to mount side and/or front instantaneous contact blocks, timed auxilary contacts, mechanical latch, voltage supressor blocks and interface modules.
  • Degree of protection IP20 (EN 60529)


Overload Relay

Thermal Overload Relay (Series RT) for Contactors

  • 0.16A to 850A
  • Reference standard IEC 60947-1/4-1/5-1
  • 3 phase unbalance protection
  • Temperature compensation -250C to +600C
  • Protection against long starting
  • Multifunction selector
  • Manual / Auto reset with and without stop
  • Contactor and separate mounting
  • Class 10A, 20A and 30A characteristics

Accessories Series RT

  • Reset push button with flexible cable
  • Remote electrical reset
  • Cover for setting range protection
  • Separate mounting kit

EOLR (Electronic Overload Relays)

  • Setting range from 0.1A up to 150A
  • Self powered
  • Thermal memory
  • Phase loss protection
  • Phase unbalance protection
  • Direct fitting to contactors Series CL
  • Interchangeable with RT thermal overload relay
  • Manual / Auto reset
  • Increased flexibility, less order codes, less stock
  • Class 5A, 10A, 20A, 30A characteristic


Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

Series SFK Features

  • For thermal and magnetic protection of AC and DC motors
  • Conformity to standards IEC 947-2, IEC 947-4-1 and VDE 0660
  • Manual push-button operation
  • Setting ranges from 0.1 to 25A at 690V AC and 220V DC
  • Short-circuit capacity of 65kA up to setting range of 1.6-2.5A/400V
  • Trip class 10
  • Instant magnetic tripping (12 times the maximum operating current Ie)
  • Single phase protection
  • Ambient temperature compensation between - 5o C and + 40o C
  • Internal and external accessories easy to mount
  • Quick fixing on DIN rail EN 50022-35 and, with two screws, on plate or wall
  • Terminals protected against accidental contacts (IP20)
  • Suitable for isolation and positive padlocking in open position.

Surion Features

  • Available in two frame sizes upto 63A
  • High breaking capacity upto 100kA
  • Reference standard IEC 60947-1/2/4-1
  • Two ranges for standard and high breaking capacity
  • Thermal magnetic & only magnetic versions available
  • Type 2 co-ordination with GE contactors upto 50kA
  • ON-OFF and trip indication
  • Range of modular accessories


Fuseless Motor Starters - Surion


  • Space Saving
  • Easy maintenance and safe operation
  • Easy panel extension
  • Quick 'clip on' and secure connections
  • Compact and reliable solution
  • Minimum number of solutions


  • Available from .1A to 63A for two different sizes (Compact size - 45mm & 55mm width)
  • Protection available for 3 phase Induction motor up to 30kW
  • Rocker lever & Rotary handle versions available
  • Distinct indication for ON / OFF / TRIP positions
  • Combination possible with M, CL contactor for fuseless solutions
  • Provides overload & short circuit protection (available with only short circuit protection also)
  • Complete range of accessories
  • Also available - M, CL, CK - DOL / Reversing / Star - Delta


Variable Speed Drives (VAT 20/200/300)

Features in VAT 20

  • Single-phase or three-phase digital inverters for controlling the speed of three-phase induction AC motors from 0.2 to 2.2kW
  • Built-in keypad and display
  • IP20 or IP65 protection degree
  • Built-in EMC filter for industrial environment (class A)
  • DIN rail mountable by optional kit
  • Global standards CE and cUL
VAT 20 includes as standard a Class A EMC filter, for industrial environment. For residential environment, the use of external Class B EMC foot print filter is recommended.

VAT 200 Mini AC variable speed drives
The VAT200 is a well performed, sensorless vector VSD for AC standard motors available in the following ranges:
- From 0.4 to 2.2 kW at 200V, single phase power supply
- From 0.4 to 7.5 kW at 200V, three phase power supply
- From 0.75 to 55 kW at 400V, three phase power supply


  • Compact size
  • Built-in removable LED keypad
  • Optional multilanguage LCD keypad
  • Sensorless vector control or V/f control, selectable
  • Built-in with ModBus RTU communications
  • Optional Field bus communication DeviceNet, ProfibusDP
  • Integrated EMC filters for U20...FS series
  • Built-in with dynamic braking up to 15kW
  • Performed with simple PLC and PID functions
  • Easy start-up & tunning by PC or keypad
  • Advanced programming and drive control by built-in PLC function
  • Easy maintenance

VAT 300 Advanced general purpose AC drive

  • The new drive, with smaller foot print than the former generation, covers the power ratings from 0.75kW to 475kW in normal duty, or up to 400kW in heavy duty.
  • High starting torque up to 200% or more, can be achieved even using standard induction motors.
  • VAT300 is able to drive, not only the standard induction motors, but also the new generation of permanent magnet motors. In both cases, sensorless or close loop control are available.
  • As well as satisfying industry requirements, with its advanced and high performance functions, VAT300 is hailed a truly environmentally friendly drive with dedicated energy saving functions and carefull selection of components to meet environmental directives

Soft Starters


  • Solid soft starter for standard 3 phase AC motors up to 30kW
  • Two phase control with integral by-pass
  • Compact, small case
  • DIN rail mounting. Optional from 31A
  • Soft start and soft stop features


  • Microprocessor based digital technology
  • Ratings up to 1400Amps and up to 690V AC
  • Friendly multi-language interface with two rows, sixteen characters each
  • Built-in with three extra power terminals for external bypass
  • In-Line - Inside-Delta operation modes
  • Over load protection with available pump, current limiting with kick start
  • Torque control and pump control advanced features
  • Motor protection according IEC 10, 20 and NEMA 10, 20, 30
  • Built-in communications RS485 port, and ModBus protocol as standard
  • ProfibusDP and DeviceNet optional interfaces for communications