KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC COMPANY LTD Designs, Manufactures, Markets and Services Rotating machines, dedicated to control of the Motive force for operation of Industrial machinery, Power Generation and control equipment for T&D Industry. Kirloskar has always been known for creating unique solutions for any kind of customized applications relating to Industrial Power and Electrical Control Equipment.

New Series Laminated Yoke Industrial Duty Motors

Applications: The New Kirloskar Industrial DC Motors are used in wide areas of industries such as Steel, Paper, Cement, Sugar, Rubber. They are also useful for Plastic Extruders, Printing machines, Textile machines, Wire Drawing, Cable making machines, Pumps, Conveyors, Apron Feeders, Machine Tools-Spindle Drives, Test Rigs.

Accessories (Optional)

  • Air Inlet Filter
  • Space heaters
  • Winding Temperature indicator
  • Bearing Temperature indicator for frame 280 & above
  • Air flow switch etc

General Specifications

StandardsBS 5000/IS 4722
Armature Voltage240....1000V
Excitation Voltage220V
MountingB3, B5, B35, V1, V15
ProtectionIP 23/44/54/55
InsulationClass F


Auxiliary Mill Duty DC Motors

Product range

kW range: 1.5 to 970 kW
Frame Size: 802 to 824

General Specifications

StandardsBS 5000/IS 4722
Armature Voltage110....1000V
Field Voltage180 TO 360 VOLTS
MountingB3, B5, B35, V1, V5
ProtectionIP 23/44/54
CooingIC 01/06/0041/0666/W37A86/17/44
InsulationClass F/Class H

Special Features:
  • di/dt of 250 In/Sec on laminated yoke machines& 60 In/sec on solid yoke machines (Higher Values on request).
  • Choice of cooling IC 06, IC 17, IC 37, IC 0041, IC 0666, ICW 37 - A 86. (Modular Construction)
  • TIG - brazed armature coil joints on request to suit very high over load requirements.
  • Vacuume - Pressure Impregnation for increased reliability.
  • Armature constructed on sleeve permitting easy shaft replacement.
  • High tensile toughened shaft
  • Infrastructure covering design, manufacture and testing.

Large DC Machines

The new series of Large DC Machines type KLDC 384 - KLDC 3127 are manufactured in techinical collaboration with AEG, Germany. The machines are designed and manufactured keeping in view the application and their actual workshop condition.


  • Steel rolling main stand.
  • Auxiliary drives.
  • Ruber Industry Mixture.
  • Mining mine Winders.
  • Paper industry main stand.
  • Special test rigs.
  • And many more..

Silent Features:

  • Wide range of ratings upto 3000kV.
  • Compact design with end shield bearings.
  • Completely laminated magic circuit for high di/dt.
  • Fully compensated for high over loads
  • Vacuume pressure impregnation system for class F.
  • Sturdy mechanical constructions.
  • Low moment of inertia.
  • Skewed armature slots for low noise.


  • Space heaters.
  • Temperature detectors for winding.
  • Temperature detectors for air/water cooler.
  • Commutator chamber lighting.
  • Temperature detectors for bearings (Optional)
  • Brush wear detector (Optional).
  • Air flow pressure switch (Optional).