KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC COMPANY LTD Designs, Manufactures, Markets and Services Rotating machines, dedicated to control of the Motive force for operation of Industrial machinery, Power Generation and control equipment for T&D Industry. Kirloskar has always been known for creating unique solutions for any kind of customized applications relating to Industrial Power and Electrical Control Equipment.

Uninterruptible Power Supply system

Product range:

Range: 1kVA to 6kVA in 1Ø/1Ø
: 5kVA to 60kVA in 3Ø/1Ø
: 10kVA to 200kVA in 3Ø/3Ø

Special Features:

  • Double Conversion technology.
  • Input power factor > 0.97.
  • Cold start.
  • Static bypass.
  • Super (Maintenance) bypass.
  • Crest factor 3:1
  • Fold back
  • Suits any Generator output
  • Serial and Parallel (N+1) redundancy
  • Auto Shutdown
  • SNMP adaptability
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • User-friendly MIMIC
  • Self-diagnostic function at Start-up
  • Event logging and messaging

AC Drives

True Genius TG-600 series AC Drives are high performance Vector controlled inverters, adopting modular design based on the dual CPU control. Three types of control methodology are built into drive software, which are selectable through parameters, based on application requirement, viz., V/f control, Sensor less Vector and Closed loop Vector control.

Closed loop Torque Control is easily achieved through using the PG card option to detect the motor speed and adjust the output Torque in time according to the changing load demand. Special feature of Automatic adjustment of Carrier frequency if enabled, ensures quite operation by adjusting the carrier frequency automatically in accordance with the change in load and temperature.

Product Range:
Range: Single phase 230V AC : 0.4kW to 2.2kW
  Three phase 415V AC : 0.5kW to 2000kW
  Three phase 690V AC : 11kW to 2800kW
Largest rating: 750kW in 415V AC
Installed: 1000kW in 690V AC
Special Features:
  • Direct Torque Control
  • Tension Control
  • PID, AVR
  • Pattern programming
  • Injection molding
  • Constant pressure water supply
  • Circular switching of Multi pump applications
  • Dormant & Timing controls
  • 16 step Speed control
  • Static and Rotational Auto-tuning of motor
  • Simple PLC function
  • RS485 MODBUS
  • Option:  Regenerative Front End rectifier
    12 pulse designs
    LCD hand held unit with extension upto 15Mts

DC Drives

Product Range:

Range: 25Amps to 3200Amps Single bridge
  paralleled upto 4 units / 10,000Amps
Topology: Regenerative & Non- regenerative
Control: Digital and Analog

Special Features:
  • Common control card
  • Book type design
  • 6 / 12 pulse design
  • Automatic Feedback Changeover
  • Master-Follower operation
  • Auto mains synchronization
  • Ratio control Extensive self-diagnostics with fault discrimination
  • LCD - LED dual display hand held unit
  • Encoder/ Tacho/ Armature feedback facilities