KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC COMPANY LTD Designs, Manufactures, Markets and Services Rotating machines, dedicated to control of the Motive force for operation of Industrial machinery, Power Generation and control equipment for T&D Industry. Kirloskar has always been known for creating unique solutions for any kind of customized applications relating to Industrial Power and Electrical Control Equipment.

Kirloskar Transformers

Kirloskar Electric is pioneer in the manufacture of special transformers like HV Testing transformers and Short Circuit testing transformers required in testing laboratories. Also, High Current Furnace transformers, Earthing / Neutral Grounding transformers, Shunt and Series Reactors, Cast Resin Dry type transformers and many other special transformers as per customer requirement.

The company has won many import substitution awards for successful indegenisation of many special transformers like HV testing transformers, Flameproof mining transformers and Arc Suppression Coils.

Products Range:

Distribution Transformers: 160 kVA to 2500 kVA, upto 33 kV class
Power Transformers: 2500 kVA to 50000 kVA, upto 220 kV class

Special Transformers:

Furnace Transformers: Upto 25000 kVA, 66 kV class
Converter Transformers: Upto 20000 kVA, 33 kV class
HV Power Frequency: Upto 1200 kV, 1200 kVA
Testing Transformers
Short Circuit: Upto 100 kA for 1 second.
Testing Transformers
Cast Resin Transformers: Upto 10000 kVA, 33 kV class
Earthing Transformers /: For system upto 33 kV class
Neutral Grounding Transformers
Flameproof Dry Type Mining: 200 kVA to 500 kVA, upto 6.6 kV class
Transformers/Transwitch Units

Kirloskar Transformers are designed and tested to the following standards:

Distribution and Power Transformers: IS : 2026, BS : 171 & IEC : 76
Converter Transformers: IS : 4540, IEC : 146 & IEEE : 444
Furnace Transformers: IS : 2026
System Earthing Transformers: IS : 3150 & BS : 4944

* We are capable of supplying transformers to any other standards as per customers / consultants requirement.