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Automatic Transfer Switches

KOHLER provides a complete range of Automatic Transfer Switches

There are a large number of benefits to our technology, both in terms of cost and ease of installation. The design of the control units and boxes enables even cables with large cross sections to be easily connected. The front panel of the unit no longer opens on just one side, like a conventional control unit, but on three sides, allowing total access to all the connections for the power equipment and terminal blocks. All our control units are either three-pole or four-pole. The transfer switch control logic is fitted as standard to our entire range of automatic transfer switches, whatever the rating of their switching component (from 30A to 4000A).

MPAC™ 1500 transfer switch
  • LCD display
  • User interface keypad
  • LED indicators on front panel
  • USB port for uploading and downloading
  • RJ-45 ethernet connection
  • Modbus® protocols
MPAC™ 1000 transfer switch
  • User interface keypad
  • LED indicators on front panel
  • Selectable operating modes
  • Modbus® protocols

  • 30 to 4000 amps
  • Standard and programmed transition
  • Communications interface capability
  • Programmable inputs and outputs
  • Automatic and non-automatic modes
  • Alarm module
  • Battery chargers
  • Monitor software
  • Metering