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SSM880 SceneSelect Module


  • To select and programme up to 8 scenes and 8 channels
  • Requires a single gang cover plate and a 25mm deep mounting box
  • Dimension 85 x 85 x10mm

Customer Benefits:

  • This is a two-wire system capable of controlling up to 24 channels of lighting, with visible feedback at each SceneSelect Module.
  • Scene Select offers precise control of the lighting in any area without the need for numerous rotary dimmers and separate switches. A typical installation provides control of up to eight channels and the ability to programme and select eight separate scene
  • The output of each lighting channel can be set to different levels for each scene. Individual lighting scenes are created by blending any combination of the lighting channels under control.
  • Wipro Scene Select may be installed with a Wipro Lightspot Presence Detector to automatically select the ON scene when presence is detected and the OFF scene when the area is vacated.


SIR 100R Remote Control Module

Requires a single - gang cover plate and a 25mm deep mounting - box

SHC 5 - SceneSelect Hand held Controller

Allows 8 scenes to be selected by remote control plus master raise and lower.

Best For:

  • Gymnasiums
  • Cafeterias
  • Lobbies & reception areas
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Libraries & Storage Areas

SceneSelect Digital Dimmers

SDM100 - Single channel - Mains Dimmer
SDM400 - Four channel - Mains Dimmer

-For mains - voltage incandescent lighting and low-voltage
-Lighting via dimmable transformers
-Maximum 10 amps per channel

SDM 110D - Single channel - Digital Dimmer
SDM 410D - Four channel - Digital Dimmer

-For luminaires with Digital Dimmable ballasts
-Maximum 25 Digital Dimmable ballasts per channel
-Maximum 100 Digital Dimmable ballasts total

SIM800 - SceneSelect Interface Module
Enables scene-selection from external devices such as a LightSpot presence detector or time-clock

SPS800 - SceneSelect Partition Switch
Allows systems to be controlled together

SCPW - Single-gang Cover Plate - white