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GEM Plus Control Panel

  • Reference standard IS 8623 & IEC 60439
  • Using a relatively few standard components it is possible to construct a custom build switchboard
  • The versatility of the modular system makes it easy & quick assembly, extension and site modifications
  • Standardized drawout modules are fully interchangeable
  • Self locking of draw-out modules after insertion
  • Plug-in terminals for semi draw-out and sliding terminals for fully draw-out control contacts
  • Non-hygroscopic fire retardant barriers and DMC/SMC moulded insulators for increased safety
  • Vertical busbars designed for 4 pole plug-in system to provide draw-out neutral isolation
  • Interleaving busbar system is adopted for higher rated switchboards
  • Spacious horizontal busbar chamber for better heat dissipation
  • Degree of protection: According to IEC 60529 external from IP30 to IP54; internal from IP2X

Technical Data
Rated operating voltage- 415V AC
Rated frequency- up to 60 Hz
Rated voltages rated insulation voltage- 660V
Degree of pollution- 3
Rated current [Aluminium Busbars]
Rated current- up to 4000 A
Rated peak withstand current- up to 132 kA
Rated shorttime withstand current- up to 65 kA
Rated current [Copper Busbars]
Rated current- up to 6300 A
Rated peak withstand current- up to 250 kA
Rated shorttime withstand current- up to 100 kA


SEN Plus

Power Control Centres (PCCs) normally comprise of either Breaker panels only or Breaker and MCC panels coupled together (PMCC). These conforms to IS 8623 and IEC 60439

Breaker panels can be offered either in single to two tier configurations. Busbars are designed for rating upto 4000A and 80kA fault level for 1 sec. higher ratings and fault levels can be offered

Breaker panels are suitable either for cable or busduct entry from top or bottom and can be coupled with either single front or double front MCC panels. The Breaker panels are provided with segregated compartments for safety

The Motor Control Centres (MCC) from GE are of modern design with new generation features in confirmation to the requirements of power plants, refineries and other Engineering & Process Industries. The MCCs confirm to IS8623 & IEC 60439

  • Modular design with bolted assembly on non-welded frame
  • Panel of sheet steel formed profile with internal parts zinc plated
  • Fully Draw-out & Non Draw-out versions
  • Conforming to IP-54 degree of protection
  • Bus bars designed for upto 4000A at 80kA (rms) for 1 sec. fault level
  • Maintenance free horizontal & vertical Busbars
  • Space saving narrow width (560mm) panels available