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Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Shangai GE breaker Co., Ltd has launched a new Power/Vac Vb2 type 12kv series vacuum circuit breakers (Briefed as VB2), which are pieces of apparatus for indoor installation. The products confirm to the GB1984 standards (equivalent to IEC62271-100) as well as DL403 standards, and become optimal choice for control and protection in HV Transmission and distribution system. In particular the apparatus is applicable for places requiring frequent operation. The installation of VB2 breaker inside switchgear may be alternatively withdrawable type or fixed type.

Silent Features:

  • Rated current 630A-4000A 12kV, 630A-2500A 33kV
  • Reference standard IEC 62271-100
  • Enclosed pole and modular cassette design
  • Rated short circuit breaking capacity 25, 31.5, 40, 50kA
  • Mechanical life upto 30,000 operations
  • Advance vacuum interruptor technology
  • Tested for temperature rise at 110% of rated current
  • Reliable insulation performance with higher creepage distance and electrical clearance than requirement of IEC
  • Passed the condensation test which is applicable for operation under harsh environment

Products should be stored in a indoor, dry, well-ventilated, non-serious polluted, non-chemical-corrosive and non-severe vibrating place.

Withdrawable type: energy-storing handle, rocking handle of the truck.
Fixed type: energy-storing handle.


P/VII-12 AC metal-clad enclosed switchgear

P/VII-12 indoor A.C. metal-clad withdrawable switchgear is latest indoor electric distribution equipment produced by GEIC. The switchgear applies to three-phase A.C. indoor distribution single busbar or single busbar sectionalizing system, with rated voltage of 3.6-12kV, rated current of 4000A and lower, and rated frequency of 50Hz, for control, protect and inspect the circuits of power system. The rails middle-assembed structure is adopted in the switchgear. The frame structure is made of folded high quality steel plates bolted together. With perfect interlocks, the switchgear has psssed tests of the internal fault arc, condensation, and harsh environment. Being equipped with VB2 type high performance vacuum breaker developed by GE with its advanced technology, safety and reliability arefully guaranteed.

Application Standards:

GB39063.6-40.5kV AC metal-enclosed switchgear and Controlgear
GB/T11022Common specifications for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standards
DL/T404Indoor AC high-voltage switchgear panel
IEC62271-200AC metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV

Silent Features:
  • Indoor 12kV/33kV VCB panel in accordance to IEC 62271-200
  • Busbar ratings upto 4000A
  • Short time withstand 25, 31.5, 40kA upto 4 sec.
  • Power frequency withstand upto 42kV for 12kV, 95kV for 33kV
  • Passed arc test
  • Separate LV/MV compartment
  • Optional earth switch

Transportation and Storage:
During the transportation and storage of the switchgear, the following should be noted:

  1. Don' t tilt, collide and upside down or violent shake.
  2. Prevent it from rain and dampness
Don' t remove the electric components randomly so as to keep the integrity of the product.

Documents and accessories:
For this product, the following documents and accessories will be provided:

  1. Product certificate
  2. Product manual
  3. Array diagram and secondary wiring
  4. The operation handle of breaker, earthing switch and energy storage
  5. Proper number of special lifting trucks for circuit breakers


Wavecast Dry Type Cast Resin 3 Phase Power Transformers.

Wave Cast coil transformers from GE are characterized by proven technology, application flexibility, lower installation cost, operating efficiency and environmental acceptability. Advanced design of the winding assembly establishes superior performance to meet today’s exacting needs. Indoors or out, they are designed for use in the most demanding and diverse environments and in all applications requiring reliable electrical power.

Cast coil transformers boast several advantages over alternative transformer technologies due to mechanical strength, imprevious to adverse atmospheric conditions, suitabiity for simple indoor installations, extend ratings, hight efficiency and environmental safety.

Application Standards:

  • IEC 60076-11:2004 Dry-type transformers
  • IEEE C57.12.01-2005
Silent Features:
  • Ratings upto 10MVA
  • Refer standard 60076-11
  • Voltage upto 35kV
  • Connections DynII, Yn0, Yd11, Ynd11, Yyno or others
  • Tapping Range:
    - Off-circuit tap changing ±5% or ±2x2.5% or others
    - On-load tap changing ±4% x 2.5% or ±3x2.5% or others
  • Al-cu or Al foil windings, high short circuit withstand & high lighting impulse withstand capacity
  • Safe, fire proof & pollution free
  • Convenient installation, easy maintenance, low losses & low noise

Temperature monitor/fan controller: The controller can display the operating temperature of windings, control fans and provide temperature alarm, ensuring effective monitoring and protection of the transformer. The PT100 sensors are inserted into each LV winding to send the temperature signal, which can be displayed on the panel.
Main function:

  • Setting alarm temperature level
  • Record the maximum temperature in non-voliatile memory,
  • Send fault signal and alarm
  • Send audible over-temperature alarm, alarm signal and trip signal
  • Start and stop fans automatically or manually (optional)
  • Provide communication interface (optional)

Cross flow fan: The low noise cross fl ow fan can reduce the winding temperature, enhance the overload ability, and prolong the service life of transformer.The rated power of transformer can be increased by 25-40% when forced air-cooling is used.
Roller: 4 rollers can be equipped under a transformer or enclosure to facilitate moving in two directions.