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Record Plus™ MCCBs

The Record Plus™ family of circuit breakers has been developed as a line of aesthetically and technically coordinated protection devices for low voltage distribution and control applications. The circuit breakers are available in four sizes, each of which is tailored to the individual requirements associated with its application. The line offers a current range running from 3A to 1600A in single, 3 and 4 pole ratings. Numerous versions as fixed, plug in and draw out are available and the line is completed with a full range of accessories. The Record Plus range is a complete line of selective & current limiting breakers, Protection with flexible & interchangeable trip units, Common accessories safe & easy to mount, Wide range of electrical & mechanical operators, Versatile installation options, a full solution for low voltage distribution.

Available Frame Models:

  1. Record Plus™-FD Frame
  2. Record Plus™-FE Frame
  3. Record Plus™-FG Frame
  4. Record Plus™-FK Frame

Features Of Record Plus

  • Ratings available 12A to 1600A
  • Compliance to IEC 60947 Part2
  • Available in 1P, 2P, 3P & 4P versions
  • Breaking capacity 16kA to 150kA
  • Unique contact break systems-single break and double break design
  • External and integral earth fault options available
  • Total discrimination available
  • Suitable for positive isolation
  • Wide range of thermal and microprocessor based releases available for line & motor protection
  • Complete range of internal and external accessories available
  • Distinct fault indication available
  • Provision for modbus communication and current display


Record SL & LM MCCBs

The new GE Record SL Moulded Case Circuit Breaker family is a line of reliable, simple and easy to use protection devices for use in both moderate or hot and humid conditions in low voltage distribution systems. Using the same basic design concepts, look and materials as the comprehensive high performance Record Plus line, Record SL differs as it is focused on implicity.

Available Models:

  1. Record SL LE250-3P & 4P
  2. Record SL LJ800-3P & 4P
  3. Record SL LD160-1P, 3P & 4P


  • Quick make, quick break mechanism operates independent of manual force.
  • Front overload adjustable
  • No line-load biasing
  • Double insulation
  • Positive trip indication - knob comes to distinct position when the breaker trips due to over current or short circuit faults
  • Trip free mechanism
  • Thermal memory
  • Effective arc runner with pushes the arc in arc chute and reduce the contact tip damage and increases the contacts life
  • Contacts are made of silver alloy having anti-welding property
  • Magnetic instantaneous trip actuates the trip mechanism without any delay in the event of short circuit
  • Red color 'PUSH TO TRIP' button is provided to check the tripping mechanism
  • Site fittable accessories, internal-shunt, under voltage releases, aux & trip contact external-direct & extended rotary handle, speeders,phase barriers.

LM Mccb (Static & Microprocessor Release)

With front adjustable static & microprocessor release
3 pole and 4 pole versions
Range: 1.6 to 800A, 415V AC in 3 frame sizes
Insulation Voltage - (UI): 1000V
Breaking capacity up to 65kA
Ref std IS 13947-2-1993


Current limiting design
On-site test facility
High accuracy release
Type Curve x MCCB specially designed for Motor Protection


Alarm/Auxiliary switches
Shunt release
Earth fault module
Under voltage release
Front Drive kits


Spectra Range Of MCCB

GE introduces Spectra Range Of MCCBs to provide protection for transformers, distribution circuits, cables and other equipment. The Spectra MCCBs available in 3 patterns. Spectra TME125, a thermal magnetic MCCB in 3/4 pole of overload and short circuit protection. It has been tested for breaking capacities upto 25kA at 415VAC. Spectra TME200, a thermal magnetic MCCB in 3/4 pole of overload and short circuit protection. It has been tested for breaking capacities upto 36kA at 415VAC. Spectra TM125, a thermal magnetic MCCB in 3/4 pole of overload and short circuit protection. It has been tested for breaking capacities upto 36kA at 415VAC.

Silent Features:

  • Ratings from 10A-800A
  • Compliance to IEC 60947 Part2
  • Breaking capacities 18kA, 25kA, 36kA & 50kA
  • Available in 3 pole / 4 pole in fix and adjustable release
  • High performance-Thermal-magnetic & microprocessors based release
  • Current limiting
  • Range of internal & external accessories


Universal Earth Fault Module-EFM 250

EFM 250 is compatible for use with GE's 3 pole and 4 pole range of MCCB up to 250A. EFM 250 is independent mounting type, hence giving flexibility to user. The EFM 250 has a microprocessor based state-of-the-art earth fault sensing mechanism which trips the MCCB thru shunt trip in case of earth fault . The module is suitable for both 3P3W and 3P4W systems. The EFM can be powered with 110V or 230V AC supply. Earth fault current protection is settable from 5% to 80% of the nominal current with a selectable time delay of 50ms to 5 seconds.

Silent Features:

  • Two models EFM 250, EFM 800
  • Suitable upto 800A for Record and Spectra range
  • Universal suitable for 3 phase 3 wire & 3 phase 4 wire system
  • Microprocessor based technology
  • Wide settable range from 5% to 80% In (nominal current)
  • Time delay available from 50 msec to 5 sec, suitable for discrimination
  • Ease of settings with help of DIP switches
  • Local & remote, Reset & test facility
  • Breaker failure feature
  • EFM 250 with integral CBCT & EFM with external CBCT