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Open Drip Proof motors
ABB motors are of the totally enclosed and open drip proof, single or three phase squirrel cage type, built to comply with international IEC and EN standards. Motors conforming to other national and international specifications are also available on request.
Open drip proof squirrel cage three phase low voltage motors,Sizes 280 - 400, 110 to 800 kW

Mechanical Design
ABB motors are designed in such a way that they meet all customer requirements in the market.

Stator: The stator frame is made of profile-pressed sheet steel, giving the motor high mechanical stregth, low weight and a good surface finish. The stator core is welded into the stator frame and contributes to its excellent mechanical properties.Feet and lifting eyes are welded to the stator frame. The terminal box and end shields are of cast iron.

Drain holes: Motors that will be operated in very humid or wet environments, and especially under intermittent duty, should be provided with drain holes. The appropriate IM designation, such as IM V3 (IM 3031), is specified, on the basis of the method of motor mounting. M2FA motors are fitted with drain holes and plugs. The plugs are open on delivery. Check that the drain holes and grease outlet face downwards, when mounting designation differs from standard horizontal mounting. In the case of vertical mounting, the upper plug must be hammered home completely. In very dusty environments the drain hole plug should be knocked in.

Terminal box: Terminal boxes are mounted either on the top of the motor, or on either side of the motor, see ordering information page. In basic version the terminal box can be rotated 2x180 to allow cable entry from either side of the motor. The terminal box is equipped with cable glands or cable boxes as standard, and terminations are suitable for Cu- and Al-cables. Cables are connected to the terminals by cable lugs which are not included with the motor.

Technical Specifications

Motor TypeM2FA
Output Power400 to 800 kW
Frame sizeIEC 355 to 400
Number of poles2 to 8
VoltagesAll commonly used voltages
Frequency50 or 60 Hz
ProtectionIP 23S