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Permanent magnet motors
Low voltage permanent magnet motors are synchronous motors, designed to drive low speed applications directly, without a gearbox. Ideal applications are paper machines, low speed pumps, extruders etc. The motors are designed exclusively for frequency converter supply. ABB’s frequency converters from the ACS 600, ACS 800 and ACS 6000 series are available with permanent magnet motor software.
  • Torque range 1000 to 50 000 Nm
  • Construction based on standard induction motor design
  • Rotor magnetization by permanent magnets
  • Totally enclosed IP 55 construction
  • Air- or liquid cooled

The ABB Direct Drive system offers several valuable benefi ts:
  • Higher overall effi ciency of a drive system
  • Excellent controllability and adjustability, even without a pulse encoder. For instance, no pulse encoder is needed with paper machine drives
  • Fewer components means: less maintenance and less down-time
  • Easier and faster installation
  • Space savings

Permanent magnet motors for variable speed applications

ABB's permanent magnet motors are based on the well-known and reliable M3BP and HXR motor design. The greatest difference is the modern rotor construction, where the squirrel cage or magnetisation windings have been replaced by highly efficient permanent magnets. This means that the major benefi ts of squirrel cage and synchronous motors are combined to one product, called M3BJ, M3LJ or AMZ.

Technical Specifications

Output Power0 - 220 r/min, 17 - 1120 kW at 220 r/min
0 - 300 r/min, 25 - 1600 kW at 300 r/min
0 - 430 r/min, 38 - 2240 kW at 430 r/min
0 - 600 r/min, 57 - 2500 kW at 600 r/min
Frame sizeIEC 280 to 560
Frame materialCast iron/Welded steel
VoltagesAll voltages
CoolingAir or Liquid
ProtectionIP 55