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Roller table motors
Roller tables incorporate a number of motors, the speed of which can be steplessly controlled by one or more frequency converters.

The rolling mill environment places severe stress on roller table drives. As plates and billets travel along the roller table at high speeds, the motors driving the rollers are subjected to high torque loads. At the same time, the reliability of the drive system is constantly threatened by the high ambient temperature, humidity, and the risk that fine dust particles from the process could infiltrate the motors.

To meet these rigorous demands, ABB has developed its Roller Table AC Drive System, which comprises the new, robust M3RP induction motors, together with ABB frequency converters.

The motors are low speed units intended for direct connection to rollers. The pole number and frequency can be selected, avoiding the need for gearboxes and therefore saving on maintenance costs and increasing the overall efficiency of the drive.

Benefits of multidrive frequency converter

  • Reduced line currents and simple braking arrangements
  • Energy circulation over the common DC busbar, which can be used for motor-to-motor braking without the need of for a braking chopper or regenerative supply unit
  • Reduced component count and increased reliability when a common supply and DC link are used
  • Reduced cabling due to the single power entry for several drives
  • Savings in cabling, installation and maintenance costs (the supply and inverter modules, for example, are fitted with plug connections for fast and easy module changing)
  • Space savings through modular construction (space savings up to 60% compared to the previous generation of ABB multidrives)
  • Overall safety and control functions made possible by the common supply.

Technical Specifications

Motor typeM3RP
Output power70 to 2,300 Nm
Frame sizeIEC 180 to 450
Number of poles6 to 12
VoltagesAll commonly used voltages
Frequency50 or 60 Hz
ProtectionIP 55