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GE Industrial solutions present SPECTRA SP range of switch disconnector fuse units. The switches are available from 32A to 800A in TPN* and 4 pole versions suitable for both DIN and BS type fuses. The switches are designed to state-of-art-technology with quad break mechanism. The arc is broken at four places which results in breaking high currents with minimum wear and tear and enhancing life of contacts.

Spectra switches are designed for AC23A duty and are robust and reliable. The handles of the new spectra SP switches provide aesthic look on the panel door and fall in line with the spectra plus and record plus range of MCCB giving uniform look to the panel. The handles are provided with adjustable tubular shaft which provides flexibility while mounting the switch.

Spectra SP switch range is enhanced with following accessories

  • Switched neutral
  • Auxiliary contact
  • Phase barriers
  • Front drive kit

Range of Spectra SP Switches

TypeRating (A)Type of Fuse


  • Complies with both Indian and International standards IS13947 (Part 1 & 3) & IEC60947 (Part 1 & 3)
  • Modular construction with compact dimensions.
  • Multiple breaks per pole for high making and breaking capacities.
  • Complete isolation of fuse in 'OFF' position
  • 'Easy to add-on' field fittable accessories.
  • No movement of fuses.
  • Positive ON/OFF indication by directly driven contact mechanism.
  • Ample terminal capacity to suit aluminium cable and busbar termination.
  • 4 pole unit with neutral advances switching system.
  • Phase barrier/terminal barriers are of flame retardant materials.
  • Maintenance free with high mechanical and electrical life.
  • Low weight for easier handling and mounting.


SPECO Onload Changeover Switch

GE Power controls offers Comprehensive & Reliable for changeover applications for changing power from one source to another. GEPC offers automated schemes through reliable Auto Transfer Switch (ATS) & manual scheme through On Load Changeover. The Onload Changeover Type SPECO are Compact, Reliable & Robust in construction.

SPECO is avilable in 4 pole version from 63A to 3150 A AC23A in the following frame sizes.

  • Size 0: 63A
  • Size 1: 125/200A
  • Size 2: 250/320A
  • Size 3: 400/630A
  • Size 4: 800A
  • Size 5: 1000A/1600A
  • Size 6: 2000A to 3150A

for Features of SPECO & ZTX Series ATS

GEPC make SPECO comes with features having following advantages:

  • 4 Ple version - Neutral Isolation
  • Fiber glass mould - very high mechanical & dielectric streangth.
  • Moulded contact system - effecient & safe arc quenching
  • 3 Distinct positions - clear visual indication of status of source
  • Door inter locking - provides saftey for accidental contacts during service condition
  • LOTO - Log out tag out - safety feature allows padlocaking & fixing in any position
  • Large terminal size - provides ease of termination & suitable for Aluminium conductors
  • Accessories - Auxiliary Contacts - upto 2NO + 2NC
    - Extensible shaft - 200mm
    - Castel Lock

ZTX Series Automatic Transfer Switch:  GE ZTX series switches are built for residential and light commercial applications requiring the dependability and ease of operation fount in power contactor switch.

  • Ratings 40 to 400 amps (2, 3 and 4 pole)
  • UL 1008, CSA and IEC
  • Listed to 480 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Double throw mechanically interlocked contactor mechanism
  • Electrically operated, mechanically held
  • Designed for stand by applications
We have wide range of Automatic Transfer Switches that are used for various purposes. ZTS Automatic Transfer Switches, ZBTS Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switches, ZTSD Delayed Transition Transfer Switches, ZTSCT Closed Transition Transfer Switches, ZTS-SL Soft Load Transfer Switches, ZTS-SE Service Entrance Rated Transfer Switches, ZTS-MV Medium Voltage Transfer Switches, ZTC Molded Case Transfer Switches, ZSTS Static Transfer Switches.


Semi Conductor HBC Fuse links

With increased use of Semiconductor devices in the process plants, industries and offices, the need for a suitable devices to protect them from faults is also on the rise. Semiconductor devices have low fault withstand capabilities and need protection devices that can clear the fault with very low let through the energy.

The GS range of fuses gives the reliable protection to your semi conductors used in various equipments for power supply and control of AC/DC motors. The other types of GSG/GSM semiconductor fuses are also available with different variations.

Applications & Features:
It is widely used for diode & thyristor protection in

  • Speed Control/Starting-
    1. AC motors-soft starters, current converters, Cycloconverters
    2. DC Motors-voltage convertors
    3. Electric Traction
      • AC:current and frequency converter
      • DC:voltage converters and choppers
      • Traction auxiliaries
  • UPS
  • DC Power Supplies
  • Electrolysis rectifiers
  • Arc furnace rectifier
  • MF heating
  • Dimmers & Regulators


Low Voltage HBC Fuselinks (BS/DIN Types)

BS Type
Range - 2A to 800A, 415V/660V Ac in bolted & clip-on version
Ref Std IS 13703 - 1 & 2 - 1993/IEC
Approved by Bureau of Indian Standards and bear ISI marking as a mark of superior quality.


  • High breaking capacity and energy limitation - Restriction of electromagnetic stress
  • Reliability - Non-deterioration - Accurate Discrimination
  • Reliable short circuit - backup protection - Current limiting design
  • Motor circuit capability - Low Watt Loss

DIN Type HBC Fuse Link
VS HBC Fuse links with blade contacts offer precise and perfect protection to low voltage circuits for industrial and general applications.

  • 630 amps to 630 amps in five sizes with breaking capacity of 80kA at 500 V ac
  • Strict compliance to performance and dimensional requirements of Indian and International Standards: IS 13703/IEC 269
  • Close excess current protection with characteristic type gG
  • Superior overload performance for motor and capacitor circuits involving surge currents
  • Very low power loss ensures cool running
  • Extremely low let through Lt and cutt off currents at short circuits
  • Positive indication of fuse operation by flag indicator
  • Fully tested and certified at CPRI for 500 V ac (at 550V recovery Voltage)

Type 1SG Fuse base is available for VS HBC fuselinks - single pole bases (160A to 630A) and three pole base (160A)

Moulded Fuse Holder & Fuse Bases

GE Power Control moulded fuse holders consisting of fuse carriers & fuse base are available in four ratings for accommodating HBC (High Breaking Capacity) fuse links. Fuse holders conform fully to IS 13703/IEC 269/BS88. The available fuse holders are BS type NS/SM fuse holder and SC type safe clip fuse holder.

The NS & SM fuse holders with NS/T & TS range of fuse links, having low power loss provide protection of wide range of electric equipments. They are made of high grade flame - retardant, non-hygroscopic, phenolic moulding on IS 1300, BS 771 with a hard gloss surface, black finish.They are simple, flexible and minimum number of components.

SAFECLIP is a range of compact and safe fuse holders ideal for use of distributon boards and panels. The safe clip fuse holders are designed to accommodate the compact range of offset blade tags fuse links. This range offers extra protection to wide range of electric circuits & equipments with significant saving in power loss panel space, downtime and maintenance costs. Risk of fire, break down and downtime in onerous conditions reduced due to the use of flame-retardant phenolic base moulding.

Type ISG DIN Fusebase:  have a novel, 'staggered' type of constants to provide low power consumption and cool running. The base is made of high performance glass reinforced polyester moulding. The simple construction provides ease of mounting and better performance.


  • Fusebases fully conform to IS13703 - 1993 in sizes 00, 1, 2 & 3.
  • Suitable for Ge Power Controls make DIN fuse links type VS.
  • Designed with a novel type of staggered contacts for higher contact area, lower tempareture rise and lower power loss.
  • Easy to mount with two screws from the front.
  • Hard silver plated contacts for higher life.
  • Heat resistant and higher insulating glass reinforced polyester moulded base.
  • Provision for fixing terminal covers for extra safety.
  • Uniform contact pressure with high short circuit resistance.


High Voltage HBC Fuselinks (K/H Types)

GE Power Controls Range of HBC fuse links meet the dimensional requirements of BS2692 - 1986/IEC282 1994.

The fuse links are purticulary suitable for fitting into H.V. ring main units. This range may also be used in air, details of free air ratings are avialable on request.


  • KEBXO / KEMXO 5A to 120A fuselinks for 11kV circuits
  • For use in oil to protect distribution circuits
  • Ferrule type construction
  • Also suitable for use in 7.2kV systems

Type (H) H2CAS / H3CAS
GE Power Controls high voltage HBC fuselinks suitable fro distribution circuits ie., fro protecting transformers, cables and capacitors - 5 amps to 100 Amps - 11/12 kV systems. The breaking capacity of type H2CAS/H3CAS is 36kA at 12 kV to IEC 282-1:1994.


  • Excellent low over-current performance
  • Arc-voltage limits permits use in 7.2kV System.
  • Striker pin operation for trip bar operation/indiction
  • Transfer circuit applications