TEKNIC PVT LTD has developed an in-house expertise in processing of plastic engineering components. Since 1978 the company is developing Controling & Signalling devices, Electro-mechanical devices, such as Circuit Breakers for Equipment (CBE), Micro switches, Rocker Switches, SlideSwitches and Terminals for application in all kinds of Electrical and Electronic Circuits. In our manufacturing activities at Mumbai, Banglore and Goa, we employ in all around 600 persons.

Rocker Switches

Illuminated and Non-Illuminated switches are compact and aesthetically elegant, and are suitable for snap mounting in the most common and standard panel cutouts. They are designed for use in a wide variety of applications, in Home Appliances, Office Automation Equipment like Photo-Copiers, Stabilizers, UPS, Printers, Power Supply Units, and other Electrical, Electronic and Instrumentation Equipment

Approvals: Our Switches are certified for safety by STQC with 'S' mark, and by CSA (Canadian Standards Association). The CSA Certification is recognized by UL (Underwriters Laboratory, USA).

Characteristics: The range of Ø pushbuttons, selector switches, illuminated selector switches, and pilot lights have been designed to provide the following features.

  • Electrical Characteristics: Our switches are suitable for switching of both resistive and inductive loads to the extent of Current and Voltage ratings of our individual switches-Please see "Basic Electrical & Mechanical Data".
  • Ambient Temperature: Our switches are suitable for operation in an ambient Temperature upto 850C, i.e. T85.
  • Materials of Construction: Housing: Nylon 66 (Un-filled)

Rocker Button: Nylon 66 / Polycarbonate
Terminals: Copper Alloy
Contacts: Silver / Silver Alloy

Circuit Breaker for Equipment

The TR11 circuit breaker for equipment(CBE) is a single pole, push to reset, thermally operated overload protector, providing reliable trip free operation on overloads and short circuits within maximum breaking capacity specified. The trip mechanism is of a latch type and a high contact force can be maintained until the unit trips. This prevents contact bounce and reduces the risk of contact welding.

Application: Main applications are protection of single phase Motors, Transformers, UPS, Power strips, Solenoids etc., against damage due to over current conditions.

The mechanism of the circuit breaker is designed to open the contacts in the event of a current flow in excess of the rated current according to the time/current characteristics of the device. A thermo bimetal strip, which has the advantage of being immune of high inrush currents and line transits, is heated by over current and deflects thereby releasing the latch mechanism. The contacts open even if reset button is manually held in the closed position. The is known as trip free mechanism. The contacts open and close with a positive snap action and the tripped state is clearly indicated by the extended projection of the reset button.


Micro Switches

Miniature, snap action, Micro switch MS30 and MS31 are built with the same features with low forceactuation.

Teknic miniature, snap action, Micro switches are robust in their construction and possess a built in precision, repeatability and reliability in their operation. They are versatile and find application in domestic Appliances, Instrumentation, Telecommunication and other Electronic Equipment, etc. Microswitches have CSA approval.

Single pole, snap action, change over contacts which may be used to provide a double throw switch to change from one circuit to another with a common supply line, or may be used as normally open or normally closed switched. The change over time in all cases is fairly independent of the plunger speed. The contact points are an alloy of silver suitable for long life.
Enclosure: High-grade arc resistant, thermoplastic material.
Actuators: Levers in stainless steel. Rollers in high-grade thermoplastic or material. We can delive standard and non-standard actuators according to customer requirement.


Special Purpose Switches

Trigger switch is developed to make momentary contact when the button is pressed. The switch can be kept continuously ‘ON' by having a lever in the appliance which locks the button.The switch has self-wiping action of the contacts.It finds application in power toolsand other heavy duty applications.

Push-Push Switch is a double pole double throw switch which is compact & aesthetically elegant. The switch is designed with soliderable for use in wide variety of applications such as home appliances, office automation products, water purifying equipments, stabilizers, UPS, power supply units and other electrical equipments.

Slide Switche type SS 98 is a double pole, 3 position switch, suitable for providing a separate function in each position or two separate functions in its extreme positions, and a centre off. These are widely used in Home Appliances, Power supply units, Electrical Instrumentation equipment, and similar devices

Key switch KS01 is a control switch developed for use in applications where proper authorisation is necessary to actuate the controls.


Rotary Switches

Rotary Switch type RS 201 is designed for Single Pole as well as Double Pole Operation in 90°switching angle. The Switch is suitable for a wide variety of applications in Home appliances such as Kitchen Machines, Air coolers, Power supply units, and other Electrical, Electronic and Instrumentation Equipment.

RS 202 - Four contacts, Three speed with inching at third speed.
RS 2022- Five contacts, Four speed with inching at any speed, and to be wired accordingly in the appliance.

RS 203 is designed for single pole as well as double pole operation in 30o/60o switching angle. The switch is suitable for a wide variety of applications in home appliances such as kitchen machines, air coolers,power supply units and other electrical, electronic and Instrumentation equipment

RS 206 is used for electrical appliances which require several functional positions, such as different speeds in a cooler or a kitchen machine etc.

Please download catalog for more derails and technical data including Rotary Switch models RS 207, RS 209, RS 210, RS 299.


Tact Switches

Tact Switches: Designed mainly for the electronic industry these switches find many applications like telephones, instrumentation, computers, computer peripherals, etc. The switches have been designed with high Durability and performance. The size, accuracy and consistency shows the capability of the company to manufacture robust and large as well as small but precise switches.

Tact Switch TS- 06, TS-1212D & TS-1273-HIME are the available types developed as a control switch for use in electrical, electronic equipments and appliances .


Terminal Strips

TSS 21, 22 and 41 are Three way, Twelve way Terminal Strips which can be used as cable connectors in any appliance for connection of Phase, Netural, and Phase, Neutral and Earth respectively. They are suitable for termination of the incoming/ outgoing cable up to 2.5 sq.mm (for TSS 21 & 22)/4 Sq.mm (for TSS 41) using screw clamps.

TSSL 22-2 is a Two way terminal strip which can be used as a cable connector in any appliance for connection of Phase and Neutral. It is suitable for termination of the incoming cable up to 2.5 Sq.mm, using screw clamps, and termination of two outputs on each terminal using 6.3 mm lugs.

TSSL 22-3 is a Three way terminal strip which can be used as a cable Connector in any appliance for connection of Phase,Neutral, and Earth.It is suitable for termination of the incoming cable up to 2.5 sq.mm,using screw clamps, and termination of two outputs on each terminal using 6.3 mm lugs.