TEKNIC PVT LTD has developed an in-house expertise in processing of plastic engineering components. Since 1978 the company is developing Controling & Signalling devices, Electro-mechanical devices, such as Circuit Breakers for Equipment (CBE), Micro switches, Rocker Switches, SlideSwitches and Terminals for application in all kinds of Electrical and Electronic Circuits. In our manufacturing activities at Mumbai, Banglore and Goa, we employ in all around 600 persons.

Inductive Proximity Switches

The TEKNIC EUCHNER inductive proximity switches are solid state switching devices that require no physical contact to actuate them. Used for control and positioning signals they can be connected directly into conventional or electronic control systems. The use for such switching devices has increased in recent times as machines in general have become more and more automated.

These switches are designed for AC and DC supply voltage operation. The exact operating voltages and currents are mentioned in the data sheets of the individual types.

These proximity switches are available in standard cylindrical form as well as in flat profile and block housing forms. They are manufactured to international standard IEC 60-947-5-2. The combination of quality materials and advanced technology in the construction of these switches ensures a very high degree of precision and reliability under the most arduous conditions.

All Teknic Euchner proximity switches have an environmental protection to IP 67 to DIN 40050. The output stages are protected against damage with the built in short circuit and overload protection.

Precision Single & Multiple Switches

TEKNIC EUCHNER Precision Single and Multiple Limit Switches are outstanding controls which have been developed and perfected in close cooperation with the machine tool industry over the last 40 years, by EUCHNER Germany. The use of high-grade materials, an excellence in technology resulting in the reliable co-ordination of all necessary functions, guarantees trouble free operation under the most arduous conditions.

TEKNIC EUCHNER precision single and multiple limit switches are used for the controlling and positioning of machines and industrial equipment.

The main advantages of these highly accurate and reliable positioning switches are: Minimum space requirements due to compact design, low cost connection through the use of a common wiring cable, reduction in the number of sealing glands for cable entry, cross connection of switch elements without additional terminal boxes, and easy access to all switch stations for test, adjusting and service purposes. The following pages of this catalogue give details of the design and full technical data of the standard range of TEKNIC EUCHNER precision single and multiple limit switches. Special requirements for specific control problems can be solved to your satisfaction by our design department.


Single Limit Switches

A variety of enclosures designs and sizes, three different plungers for specific actuation from various directions, together with switching elements for many electrical applications, offer a high degree of flexibility. The enclosures are of special aluminum alloy and are treated with a special coating. The surface combined with the hardened and polished plunger offer high wear and corrosion resistance. The high precision plungers are made from stainless steel and are lubricated for life.

The limit switches are equipped with snap action switch elements. The snap action is designed so that the switching speed is to a great extent independent of the actuating speed. The well proven switching systems and the high grade of material used guarantee trouble free operation for upto 50 million mechanical switching cycles.