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Water cooled motors
Water cooling is a highly efficient method of transferring heat away from the motor. Cooling efficiency is maintained even at lower speeds, ideal for constant torque applications.

Typical water cooled motor applications include thruster and propolsion motors, wind turbine generators, water and waste water pumps, tunnel-boring machines, extruders, printing presses and paper machines.

The motor range represents a new generation of water cooled motors developed in response to market demands for improved technical features. The range is available in IEC frame sizes 280 to 450. Water cooling is a very efficient method of transferring heat away from the motor, and water cooled motors provide high output power per unit of weight. Cooling efficiency is maintained throughout the speed range, which is especially important in constant torque applications. These advantages make the motors ideal for a range of uses, including marine applications, water and waste water pumping, printing machines, and wind turbine generators. The basic structure of the motors is optimized for variable speed use.

ABB offers several comprehensive ranges of AC motors and generators. We manufacture synchronous motors for even the most demanding applications, and a full range of low and high voltage induction motors. Our in-depth knowledge of virtually every type of industrial processing ensures we always specify the best solution for your needs.

Technical Specifications

Output Power90 to 1200 kW
Frame sizeIEC 280 to 450
Number of poles2 to 8
Frequency50 or 60 Hz
VoltagesAll voltages
A high efficiency motor; fulfills IE2 requirements.
ProtectionIP 55, IP 56